Residential Real Estate

From title review to buy-sell agreements, our real estate attorneys have the knowledge and skill to represent your residential real estate needs. At Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we understand that a smooth and successful residential real estate transaction is beneficial for all parties involved.

When purchasing a home, it is important that the property is free of any encumbrances that can affect the title, and interfere with your rights of ownership of such property. This is why it is important that you work with a knowledgeable and reputable closing agent. We have assisted in numerous refinances, lender’s preferred. Reasonably priced.

No matter if you are buying, selling, or leasing your property, call or visit us in our main office for your free real estate consultation. Our team, who has worked all over Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, will provide you with expert legal service from start to finish.

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, we understand that it is important to guarantee that your interests are always protected. Deciding to purchase any type of residential property or home is a very important decision. Additionally, if you are preparing to sell your home, we understand that you want as large of a return on your prior investment as possible. It is potentially the largest and most personally impactful investment you will ever make.

Some of the more prominent areas of residential real estate transactions we work with include:

  • Foreclosure defense
  • Title review
  • Real estate closing representation (commercial and residential)
  • Purchase agreements (review, drafting, negotiation)
  • Lease agreements (review, drafting, and negotiation)

Using us as your legal representatives, we will make sure to place you under constant protection. Our attorneys have complete confidence in their ability to manage contract negotiations. We work to avoid unfavorable terms from being inserted into your agreement; our ultimate goal is to maximize your value.