Business Transactions and Contract

At Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we provide quality services for the South Florida community of business clients. Whether you own a neighborhood store or a multinational company, we have the expertise to advise you legally on any aspect. No matter if your business has been around for a while or, if you are just starting your company, we will make a successful transaction a reality for you. Complicated business matters often require the backing of an experienced lawyer. Our Partner Jay Shehadeh, is the perfect representative in these aspects due to his background; he was raised in a family full of entrepreneurs. Mr. Shehadeh has developed a strong understanding of what a small business needs to do and how to act in order to be successful. His exceptional experience is what led him to his approach of every problem as both a lawyer and a businessman.

No matter what phase you are in with your own business or if you are looking to draft new policies for your existing business, we are here to help. Our firm represents any type of case; individuals, organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses can all receive our excellent representation. Call to receive your free consultation.

When you come into our office for your initial consultation, we will further discuss your needs. If you are creating a new business venture, we will examine all of your business plans so that we can help you create the type of corporation or legal entity that is profitable and works for you.

Our comprehensive business law services include:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Contract drafting
  • Operating agreements
  • Contract review
  • Bylaw drafting
  • Documentation review
  • Business formation (LLC’s, Corporations, & Partnerships)
  • Employment agreements
  • Policy drafting
  • Non-compete agreements

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