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Because we come from families of business owners, we understand what it takes to run a business. We handle all aspects of business law and commercial contracts, from signing leases to complex financial needs. We handle real estate closings and issue title insurance as part of our real estate practice. Additionally, we defend ADA claims for businesses that have received complaints for non-compliance. As part of our FDA practice, we review new and established products for compliance with federal laws and regulations. As you can see, the services that we provide to the business community are comprehensive and aimed at serving the community’s needs. You are an expert at running your business, rely on our expertise to handle the legal matters of that business.

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Business Law

Additionally, at Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we provide quality services for our business clients in the South Florida community. Whether you are starting your own business or wish to revise or create agreements for an existing company, we will make sure to do our best for a successful transaction. Complicated business matters often require the knowledge of an experienced lawyer, and we have what you are looking for.

Business owners have a lot to consider when it comes to running a successful business. One of the considerations is ensuring that the business and its facility is accessible to people with disabilities. As such the federal government ensures that businesses are accessible to people with disabilities through what is known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA sets out certain standards with regard to accessibility of public accommodations that businesses must follow, such as ensuring that there are sufficient handicap parking spaces, or that restrooms have proper accommodations. The ADA enforces these standards by allowing those who have been discriminated against in locations that are not up to standard to file for injunctive relief and entitles recovery of legal fees, costs and litigation expenses from defendants (§12205).

If your business is facing an action for injunctive relief based on ADA violations, Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC can provide effective legal representation and help you to ensure that your business is in compliance with the ADA in the most cost-effective manner possible.

At Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, you’ll find committed and experienced South Florida attorneys in the area of Civil Litigation.  Cases are handled anywhere in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County, as well as other parts of the State.