Real Estate Transactions and Representation

Businesses understand the consequences that can occur if their real estate transactions and other matters are not handled properly. Numerous entities come to Jay for his skill and representation. Ultimately, there are many legalities involved in a real estate dispute or transaction that are complicated and complex to handle without certain skills. Jay has the skills necessary to help business and individual clients with their complex real estate legal issues. If you want to see successful outcomes with your real estate matters, contact our office for a free initial consultation.

From title review to buy-sell agreements, our real estate attorneys have the knowledge and skill to represent your residential real estate needs.

From preparing or negotiating a real estate contract to requiring representation as you fight to defend your property from foreclosure, we will advise you to the fullest every step of the way.

Large investments come with lots of risk, so it is necessary to use an attorney who has extensive knowledge of Florida real estate law and a strong familiarity with the housing market.

Whether you are looking to create or renew a lease as a landlord with either current or prospective tenant, or you want to extend or modify the terms of an existing lease as a business property owner, we are always available to help.