More Recalls of Pet Food in Wake of Salmonella Detection

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has announced the recall of additional pet food due to the detection of Salmonella. According to the FDA, WellPet LLC initiated the voluntary recall as a result of the bacteria being found in facility where the dog food is manufactured. While the Company notes that all dog food is tested prior to being released from the manufacturing facility and that none of the food was found to be contaminated, the recall is being initiated as a precautionary measure.

Diamond Pet Foods, the company responsible for manufacturing the pet food in the WellPet recall, has recently recalled several of its own products as a result of Salmonella. A list of the many of the affected products may be found here and here. In connection with the recent recall, WellPet has also notified consumers while most of its products are manufactured in its own facilities, it no longer purchases products from Diamond Pet Foods.

The FDA warns that Salmonella may pose dangers to humans as well as pets, with pets potentially serving as carriers of the dangerous bacteria. In addition, the Agency notes that humans may become infected by handling contaminated pet food, especially where hand washing is not properly conducted.

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