Condominium Association Law

[mk_dropcaps content=”C” style=”simple-style” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]ondominium and Homeowners Associations are tasked with the management of entire communities, often resembling a mini government. Management of a Condominium and Homeowners Association requires constant navigation of various legal issues, ranging from collections to board elections and even amending condominium bylaws. Florida Condominium and Homeowners Associations have to be ready to face legal issues as they arise and to do so, having competent, experienced Condominium and Homeowners Association attorneys well versed in the laws applicable in Florida is essential. Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC can provide Condominium and Homeowners Associations with the legal representation needed when dealing with complex legal issues that Condominium Associations face all the time.

Our Florida condominium and homeowners association attorneys can give your condo association the necessary legal advice to enhance the provisions of your association documents through either the arbitration process or the courts. If needed, we will defend your association in arbitration or litigation matters, while keeping your association up to date on all that takes place with your cases.

Whether your Condominium or Homeowners Association is located in Miami- Dade, Broward or Palm Beach our office will provide you with the appropriate legal representation.