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At Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we believe that personal service is a key component to a successful legal outcome.

Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC’s excellent representation can be accessed anywhere in South Florida. Our office is located in Coral Gables, right in the heart of the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Tri-county area. Our main areas of practice are Condominium Association, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and Business Law. From the beginning, we have helped clients with very different problems find distinct and concrete solutions to their legal concerns.

The size of our firm allows us to provide hands-on legal services. Each and every client who visits our Miami office is guaranteed to receive personalized attention. The expertise, dedication, and experience of our attorneys and staff, can help resolve your legal problems effectively and in a professional manner. Call us and get a free consultation regarding your legal concerns and learn more about us.


At Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we understand that in addition to a client’s legal problems, they may have additional special circumstances that need consideration. The South Florida community is very diverse, and at Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC we are fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic. We are fully capable of accommodating clients who only speak or prefer to speak these languages.

We are available to service any client who seeks out counsel. Our broad language base allows us to better serve a client’s individual needs, as well as allows for greater representation and communication. Our Spanish and Arabic skills enable us to help those clients that other law firms may be unable to accommodate. We truly aim to serve and represent anyone seeking our counsel.

Vision and Mission

Effectively resolve our client’s legal matters within the Real Estate, Complex Business, Food and Drug or Civil Litigation areas in a way that makes our clients recognize that they made the right choice in seeking representation from Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC.

Our Philosophy

Provide hands-on legal assistance to the best of our ability to ensure our clients feel at ease knowing we will do our best to represent them.

Services we offer

Here at Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC, we are able to provide a unique service unlike other law firms may be able to offer.  We are fluent in the languages of English, Spanish, and Arabic and use this advantage to enable us to help clients who need language accommodation in order to be effectively represented.

Our Commitments

Mejia Shehadeh Giannamore, PLLC guarantees that our clients receive personalized attention for their legal concerns, and a dedicated member of our team to effectively resolve our client’s legal matters.

What Others Say About Us

Client Satisfaction is What We Believe In.

  • I have been working with Jay (Jalal) for over a year with most legal work related to my company. The fact that he, unlike many attorneys, has real business knowledge, has helped my partners and I make the best decisions for every situation. Of course, the most important factor that makes an attorney GREAT is their legal knowledge, and I am more than confident enough to say that he also excels in that aspect.

    Ahmad SabobehTax client
  • Jalal is a great criminal defense attorney who is not afraid of trying difficult cases. He is honest, humble despite his significant achievements. Always prepared and is highly qualified. Well respected among peers. Very sensitive to the special needs of the ethnic and minority clients.

    Ashraf SalemImmigration Attorney
  • I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Shehadeh was a prosecutor that opposed me in several cases. He was always prepared and knew the facts of his cases very well. Mr. Shehadeh represented the State of Florida and law enforcement with pride but he did not make each case a personal fight. He knew he had a job to do and maintained his professionalism to get it done. Mr. Shehadeh is a brilliant young man and will serve his clients well. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Shehadeh as an attorney.

    Rafael EchemandiaOpposing counsel
  • I hired Jalal Shehadeh through a friend of a friend who told me he was the man for the job if I needed a good lawyer and [I] took his advice and boy was I glad I listened. He kept me informed and explained all possible outcomes of every scenario in my case. I was hesitant at first, seeing how he was young, but after seeing him in action in the courtroom and seeing how he would always get his way, I knew he was the man for the job. Ultimately, I was able to get my case dismissed. And unless you have a case yourself, you have no idea the weight that is lifted off your shoulders when a case is resolved. Money well spent. Thank you Jalal Shehadeh.

    ClientCriminal Defense
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